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 by Scott Renfrew
Simply the best dentist

Simply the best dentist and staff in our area.

 by Lisa G.
His stellar staff worked to find appointment times and always made me feel welcome.

Dr. Gavin McClure is an exceptional dentist! I have a terrible fear of anything dental, but I have been in need of much dental work. His calmness and empathy combined with his expert work has allowed me to undergo treatment that now has me visiting the dentist twice a year for check-ups. Initially, Dr. McClure had to repair and replace prior dental work. His stellar staff worked to find appointment times and always made me feel welcome. I am a teacher, so when parents tell me that their children "hate" the dentist, I refer them to Dr. McClure.

He and his staff have a wonderful way of making children feel calm. They take the "fear" out of dental visits. I am so thankful for Dr. McClure and his fantastic team! I cannot recommend him enough!

 by Andrea B.
Went above and beyond with caring for my teenage daughter.

I have never written a review here, but I absolutely must! I can't say enough positive things about Dr. McClure and his office staff. My entire family are patients of his, and he has helped all of us tremendously. Two of us are very difficult cases. He literally went above and beyond with caring for my teenage daughter who was a very challenging case for the orthodontist and dentist (they should write a case review on this one). I was so upset by the orthodontia care which took far too long, with many painful back turns that affected my daughter's confidence and traumatized her. Dr. McClure was an utmost professional through this with collaboration, follow through and understanding. He really went above and beyond for her care where others may have given up or opted for the standard.

For myself for some reason, it takes a long time to get numb with all the best medicine. Dr. McClure and his office staff problem solved and every time accommodated me, despite the ding to their schedule. Also, I was so terrified when I began to have an asthma attack (due to something else entirely) that started while undergoing a dental procedure that could not be easily ended (no way to use an inhaler when you've got that dental dam in place, hilarious really). Dr. McClure and his assistant were very calm, soothing and accommodating to help me through it (both the attack and the dental procedure I was in).

I have to say, all of my previous experiences with dentists have been difficult. Dr. McClure is an amazing, well-informed, caring professional who literally changed my daughter's life. She has gone from a very shy, hide-your-smile person, to an open person with a beautiful confident smile. As a mother, I can't tell you how grateful I am for it, to see the amazing change in her knowing what she went through, and as a result of Dr. McClure.

Thank you Dr. McClure and Staff for all of your caring for my family, for all your support and help with the difficult times, and the amazing results of your excellent work. You are the best!

 by Heith N.
I could not recommend Dr. Gavin and his team more.

I feel like I've already written a review here but I honestly love this team so much I feel the need to write a second. For someone like myself who has suffered horrible dental issues my whole life and was (I no longer am) terrified of dentists, I could not recommend Dr. Gavin and his team more. Him and his team are so kind, gentle, and welcoming. I never felt judged, pressured, or unsafe. His office is so nicely laid out and beautifully decorated you feel more like you're going to a spa than a dentist and his entire staff from the front desk to the assistants are outstanding in their customer service and work. Dr. Gavin has given me something I never thought I would have: hope that I can overcome my dental problems and get better. For the first time in over 15 years I'm actually smiling in photographs and around people. My family and friends have even noticed how much my confidence has grown. Seriously folks, I've been through a lot of dental offices in my time and I have never found a place like Dr. Gavin and his team. I recommend him to everyone.

 by Lucia M.
Dr. McClure is a wonderful dentist!

Dr. McClure is a wonderful dentist! He does excellent work and is always cost-efficient for his patients. Recently, his quote for some major work was $3,000 less than another local dentist. I have been going to him for many years and will continue to do so.

 by Chandra B.
His entire office staff is amazing. I can't recommend him enough.

Gavin McClure has been my dentist for several years and he is so kind and patient and sweet. His entire office staff is amazing. I can't recommend him enough.

 by Belle H.
The staff are knowledgeable and nice, and constantly checking in to make sure you are doing alright.

Super satisfied. As someone who has a long history full of bad dentists, I was really nervous. But it is hard to feel nervous when the entrance to your dentist's office is a cute little garden, and the main office is gorgeous. The design of this place is absolutely beautiful and manages to pack the space full of dental gadgets while still maintaining the flow and aesthetics of the place. The staff are knowledgeable and nice, and constantly checking in to make sure you are doing alright. It's no surprise they are so busy, and the staff makes sure to find you the closest appointment they can. There is a large waiting list, but it felt worth it to me. My insurance doesn't have dental, so my family has been paying out of pocket for years. Dental work is expensive, and New Street is not immune to this. If cost is a huge issue I recommend double-checking your insurance will be accepted here.

The new patient appointment consists of getting x rays from a really neat fold-down dental x-ray machine hiding in plain sight in some custom cabinets. Then Dr. McClure came in and went over my forms and explained what my next few visits would look like. He asked in my new patient paperwork if I had past issues with dentists, and in my new patient meeting went over all my worries and assuaged my fears. Dr. McClure was professional and friendly, and it turns out from the area I grew up in SoCal.

For my dental cleaning, I was booked for the very next day. I was in the waiting room for less than ten minutes before I went to the back. Each room has these really pretty leaf mobiles that spin around- if you are wondering by now how I noticed so much about the architecture and decor of the place, you've never had a dental cleaning! It was nice to have something to look at besides a tv or a blank wall while listening to the very nice woman doing my cleaning talk about the weather and events in Santa Cruz. The cleaning was really well done, I didn't even have discomfort until the polishing, and I think it's impossible to not feel weird while having your teeth basically sanded. The only pain was due to a cavity I have an appointment to have filled, which the woman cleaning my teeth was very wary of before we even started. Before she began she noted that I may feel pain there and to tell her immediately if I did, then went over my X-rays to point out areas I should watch for pain. It ended up hurting on my large cavity, so she stopped immediately and cleaned that area with a pick instead of a polisher which I appreciated. My teeth look amazing- some enamel stains I've had since I had braces as a kid and whitening couldn't remove are now gone! The entire thing took 37 minutes- 7 in the waiting room, and maybe 5 to pay afterwards.

I have an appointment to take care of this darn cavity in a month, and I will update my review when that appointment is over. I expect it to be the best filling I've ever gotten.

 by Carlo C.
I was very happy to find Dr. McClure's office.

After visiting another dentist in Santa Cruz that was less than professional, I was very happy to find Dr. McClure's office. Both the Dr. and his team are awesome. Very professional and excellent customer service. The hygienists are thorough and detailed - my favorite is Debbie. My teeth always feel great after I leave.

 by Scott M.
I highly recommend his services to anyone needing dental work.

Dr. Gavin is as good as it gets. I had a dental emergency on Fathers Day this year and called his office for advice. He called me back within a couple of hours to set up an appointment that day and I was in and out in 45 minutes. Professional, reliable, honest and a all around good man. I highly recommend his services to anyone needing dental work.

 by Denise M.
Dr. McClure and his staff are polite, professional and make the going to the dentist a pleasure

Dr. McClure and his staff are polite, professional and make the going to the dentist a pleasure to deal with. He's a honest dentist never tells you to have work done that isn't truly needed. If you want to be seen on time, leave with clean teeth or a filling done right then please call their office. You won't regret it.

 by Shannon H.
I would not trust my smile with anyone else!

My only regret is that I did not write this review sooner. I have been going to Dr. McClure for over 11 years now and I cannot stress enough what an incredibly talented dentist he is nor how confident I feel about being in his care. I have commuted from Marin County for most of the time that I have been his patient and now I drive from Belmont - just 15 minutes from the San Francisco airport. I have tried local dentists and found that my teeth and my smile are simply worth the trip to Santa Cruz to see Gavin. I am sure I am not alone in saying how much I enjoy my visits as both he and his entire staff make you feel like you are in their home. Everything is so clean (which is a must for me) and the environment he has created at New Street Dental puts you at ease and allows you to actually relax during your appointments (and I have had some pretty complicated dental work done with him!). Gavin is honest, genuine, gifted, and takes great care and pride in his work. As long as he's in practice I will continue to drive to see him no matter where I live. My husband introduced me to Gavin and boy am I happy I listened to him all those years ago and made an appointment to see him. I would not trust my smile with anyone else!