Internal Bleaching Santa Cruz, CA

Whiten your teeth from the inside out.

Occasionally a dark area in a tooth may be coming from deep inside the tooth. When this develops it is usually because blood or other liquids have leaked into the inside of a tooth following a root canal procedure. In our office we can use internal bleaching to whiten the tooth from the inside out. We drill a small hole and insert a peroxide gel into the internal cavity of the tooth. The solution is left inside the tooth for about a week during which time it perforates into the dentin (structure inside the enamel, lightening the color of the tooth. Next the gel is drained from the tooth and the hole filled. This method of internal bleaching is highly effective, and the tooth will be significantly whiter.

If you notice the appearance of internal stains, and think you may need internal bleaching please contact our office to determine whether it is the correct procedure for you.