Healthy Baby TeethHere today…gone too soon. Don’t neglect baby teeth because the health of their replacements is right beneath the surface.

Caring for your child’s baby teeth lays a foundation for a lifetime of oral health, so teach good dental hygiene habits while the child is very young. Before the first teeth begin to surface, rub baby’s gums with a clean, damp wash cloth after every feeding. Continue as the teeth emerge until baby is old enough to hold a toothbrush.

Teach your children how to brush, and encourage them as they do. Teach them when to brush, after every meal and snack.

Break the thumb-sucking habit before the child’s fifth birthday, if possible.

Encourage a taste for healthful snacks and meals. Buy only sugar-free gum, shun soft drinks, and have children wear mouth guards for sports.

An orthodontic consultation should begin by age 5, while children still have some of their baby teeth. Building the dental framework early helps to prevent crowded and twisted teeth. With early orthodontic intervention, braces can come off sooner.

If your family is drinking unfluoridated water, consider using a fluoride supplement or a fluoride treatment here in our office.

Bring the kids in for dental exams before their first birthday.

Periodontal disease tends to be a family problem for two reasons: 1. Children can inherit a tendency toward it from one or both parents, and 2. It can spread through long-term intimate contact. An infectious disease that can spread inflammation through the body, periodontal disease can lead to heart disease and stroke.